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Christian Union
Hello, prayer partners.

Thank you for remembering us and the Lord’s work here in your prayers. And to inform your prayers, I want to give you a few updates.

First, Christian Union is always seeking the best ways to support and equip its faculty. And in the summer months, we have the opportunity to focus more on our own development as ministry leaders, teachers, and disciplers. This year, I am engaged in the summer leadership program here at Christian Union and by God’s grace, I believe this study and work will help grow the ministry at Harvard Law School (HLS) as we continue to invest in the discipleship of the nation’s next generation of Christian leaders.

Second, planning for this upcoming academic year continues to go well. We are excited to expand some elements of the ministry at HLS. In particular, we want to inspire a robust vision of evangelism that is grounded deeply in the work of Christ and the covenant identity of every Christian and to pursue this vision through a strategic and comprehensive plan of evangelism. In addition, we want to focus on the power and practice of the gospel. By integrating the elements of our ministry at HLS, especially the Bible Courses, Faith Talks, and Prayer Groups, we trust in the Lord that students will increase in their faith, hope, and love and abound in every good work he sets before them.

Please join us in our preparations by praying in these specifics ways.

Bold Evangelism
Pray that the Lord will grant us wisdom, discernment, and creativity to harness all the means at our disposal to saturate the HLS campus with the gospel. Pray that even now the Lord would be fanning into flame a passion for his glory in the gospel among all of us and all of our students. And pray that we will pursue this planning and its execution—from every Facebook post to every personal conversation—with a boldness rooted in the truth that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Transformative Discipleship 
Pray that the Lord will open our hearts even wider to desire even more fervently that each student grow in Christlikeness. Pray that he will sharpen our minds with greater knowledge of the Scriptures and wisdom for walking in a manner worthy of Christ. And pray that we will lead every ministry endeavor, teach every Bible Course, and disciple every student with the greatest hope in the Lord’s desire and promise to transform his people into his own image by the power of his Spirit.

Thank you again for your prayers. May the Lord grant much wisdom and enlarge our faith to honor him by asking these great things from him for our students.

Your partner in the gospel at HLS,

Michael Wilkinson
Christian Union Ministry Director
Coram Deo Law

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Harvard Law School, please email prayer@christianunion.org.