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Beloved prayer partners,

Thank you so much for your prayers and your various offerings of love this year. The summer is upon us and everyone is more buoyant, even if pollen and other allergens sometimes trigger more sneezing than usual. Please pray for us as we seek to find rest at various points throughout the summer.

We feel a bittersweet excitement for the class of 2018, whom we have just commissioned and sent out into the world from the relative safety of college. Please pray that God would lead and guide them to good churches, meaningful careers, and spiritual family.

This summer, students on campus are studying through the book of Genesis to explore concepts of Christian identity and mission, as well as to discover places of communication between the Old and New Testaments. Please pray for us as we discern the Spirit’s leading as to what our students need to hear from this text.

Finally, please continue to pray that God would bring an overflow of new students in the class of 2022. Our students are already praying to make the crucial first week connections with students that will lead them to new experiences of God through friendship and discipleship with us. Particularly, it would be wonderful if you could be praying for God to bring us both first and second-year female students to fill out some of the Bible Courses from this year.

We continue to thank God for preserving His work on Harvard’s campus. We praise God for His goodness, grace, and mercy, and we thank you so much for your sacrifices and support. May God bless you and keep until next time!


Tyler Parker 
Harvard College Faith and Action 

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