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Christian Union
Greetings from Cambridge,

Two receptions mark the formal end to an academic years’ worth of ministry. This week, we will meet the families, many for the first time, of our seniors at a reception we happily host in HCFA’s office/library. On Saturday, we hope to see some of you at our Reunion Gathering (same venue).

Both events have much in common. They are markers, if you will, in our journey through life where we take time to remember and appreciate the enormous investment that everyone has made. Parents investing in their children in untold ways; seniors and graduates who’ve poured themselves out to shape and build this organization, sometimes at a significant personal cost.

Thank you for your investment in this work, whether you are physically near or far. You give us the opportunity and privilege of coming alongside students, ideally as freshmen, and by God’s grace, they grow in maturity and wisdom in the context of community right before our eyes. We truly thank God for you and pray that he “remembers” you in very personal ways.

And lest we forget to give ultimate credit where credit is due, as we remember the faithfulness of our God; and we acknowledge that everything we have is from Him.

Please join us in prayer:

  • Continue to pray for the Class of 2019 as they mark the end of their time and achievements at Harvard. May the Lord bless them with relational and academic closure, clarity regarding all future plans, and the grace to resolve to faithfully and unreservedly follow Jesus all the days of their lives.

  • Staffing needs as our team transitions this summer. More info to come. May the Lord lead and provide in these matters. 

Gratefully yours,

Don Weiss
Ministry Director
Harvard College Faith and Action 

on behalf of the CU Staff Team at Harvard

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