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Christian Union
“The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.”
― Carl F.H. Henry

If there is a unique challenge in welcoming Harvard freshmen to pursue faith in Christ and immerse themselves into community, it is the issue of time. More specifically, it is a matter of timing. The clock begins ticking (next week) and all but expires within days. Countless decisions will rather quickly be made by members of 2023 regarding friend groups, classes and extracurricular activities. For a few weeks in September they will live in the happy illusion that they can do it all. This dream-like state, more often than not, evaporates in the chilly air of October.

For this reason we would covet your prayers as we sincerely, warmly and diligently befriend freshmen in the weeks to come. Last year over 200 freshmen responded to a myriad of invitations to conversation or more. This year we would love to meet even more. Please pray that God is at work in their hearts, and that they find themselves strangely warmed by the very presence of Jesus in our midst.

Forever grateful for your partnership in reaching Harvard students with the gospel.

Don Weiss
Ministry Director
Harvard College Faith and Action 

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