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CU Cities Conference 2019

In this breakout session, we will look carefully at Paul's pastoral wisdom as he allows the gospel to reshape our moral and social imagination on topics such as wealth, power, conflict, sexuality, vocation, and personal giftedness. 1 Corinthians fleshes out what following Jesus in the real world (whether ancient or contemporary) entails, in light of the centering conviction that the story of Christ crucified reveals both the heart of God and the portrait of of what it looks like to be fully, genuinely human in a world of idolatry, greed, interpersonal conflict, perpetual heartbreak and structural injustice.

Speaker Bio

Nick is from the New Jersey / New York area. He became a Christian during his freshman year at High Point University through the influence of a student-led Cru ministry. He earned a BA in English Writing with a minor in Religion/Philosophy, and then moved to the Twin Cities to attend Bethel Seminary. While earning an MDiv, he also served as a youth pastor and as staff at Minnesota Teen Challenge. He next spent two years as a pastoral apprentice at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis under John Piper in The Bethlehem Institute, and concurrently he taught a number of theology and Bible classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. Nick studied at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary prior to joining Christian Union in 2008.

He has written several curriculums for Christian Union's University ministries, including Sex & Spirituality, Romans and Hebrews, and currently serves as the teaching fellow for Christian Union at Columbia. He is currently working on a book on the story-shaped spirituality of the Psalms, and in his free time loves all things NYC, jogging in Central Park, and reading great novels over allegedly good coffee.