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Drummond ’20 Is Executive Vice President at Stanford

by tom campisi, managing editor

For the last two years, Isaiah Drummond has served as the vice president of Caritas, Christian Union’s ministry to students at Stanford University. Drummond, a mechanical engineering major, helped build the ministry, along with other students when it launched in the fall of 2016.

ServingMagSmallNow a senior, the Houston, Texas, native is still a key member of Caritas, but also has a heart and vision to serve the entire student body. Last spring, he was elected as Executive Vice President of Associated Students of Stanford University. Drummond and President Erica Scott ’20 oversee a team of cabinet members who are responsible for specific initiatives, and provide leadership to the student senate. Cabinet member Remy Gordon ’20, the Executive Chief of Staff, is also one of Caritas’ core students. 


Drummond said being exposed to a wide array of aspects of student life—from his role with Caritas and civil service organizations to exploring various majors to living in several dorms—gave him an overview of the concerns at Stanford and a burden to help solve them. More importantly, his time as a residence advisor opened his eyes to issues surrounding mental health on campus.

“This campus is yearning for change; you can hear the groans for improvement scattered across every part of the student population, both undergraduate and graduate,” Drummond said. “We have had to cope with tragic student loss in the past year, and I know the main thing on all our minds is mental health and well-being. I feel confident that the president and I have compiled an extraordinary executive cabinet with subject matter experts on topics ranging from academic freedom and political engagement to affordability.”

Garrett Brown, Christian Union’s ministry director at Stanford, said Drummond has a great combination of intelligence and graciousness and his character and enthusiasm make him a well-respected leader. He also embodies the vision of Christian Union, which, by God’s grace, seeks a spiritually vibrant nation marked by Christian values permeating every corner of society. 

“Both in and out of Caritas, his peers follow his lead because they
recognize authenticity,” Brown said. “From the beginning, Isaiah was a gatherer, an encourager, and clearly a leader.”

Likewise, Drummond is thankful for the leadership development training and teaching he has received through Caritas with various Bible courses, conferences, and one-on-one mentoring. 

“The [Christian Union faculty] has helped me mature as a Christian and improve my skills in apologetics, outreach, prayer, and spiritual leadership,” he said. “Christian Union provides me with ample opportunities to grow as a leader and a follower of Christ, and I am forever grateful that I have been able to be a part of this organization throughout my entire college career.”

More specifically, Drummond credits Christian Union with giving him confidence to exercise his responsibilities in the student government, where he regularly meets with senior-level leadership on behalf of the student body, delegates responsibility to the executive cabinet, and interacts with students across all segments of campus.

“Christian Union has played a tremendous role in helping me successfully complete these tasks and has been instrumental in providing me with the skills necessary to thrive as a student body leader,” he said.

Drummond, who is also pursuing a minor in Spanish, is seeking to be a voice and role model to his peers. 

“This position grants me access to senior-level leadership, and I believe it is my duty to speak up for the voiceless and advocate for those oft forgotten when I step into these spaces. While I want to be a champion for the student body in these meetings, I believe it is equally as important to serve as a role model in my public-facing role. I want to ensure that in everything I do, I am a positive example of Christian leadership on this campus.”

In addition to student government, Drummond has also been active in the Stanford Gospel Choir, Veritas Forum, and the Stanford Society of Black Scientists and Engineers. This year with Caritas he is the ministry’s Assistant Seeking God Director and Senior Men’s Assistant Bible Course Leader.

Drummond is thankful for being part of a fledgling ministry as a freshman and credits Caritas with helping him mature spiritually. “Throughout our entire academic careers, we have invested thousands of hours into learning more about the world around us and pushing the limits of human understanding,” he said. “Yet, all too regularly, we fail to spend sufficient time growing spiritually.”


“I have never felt so spiritually filled and intellectually engaged with the Word as when I am engaging in debate and dialogue during our weekly Bible courses. Whether I was studying the Gospel of Mark, reading through Philippians, or diving into Romans, I have thoroughly enjoyed being challenged to align my life around God’s instructions.”

This fall, the Caritas team is reaching out to freshmen with a variety of initiatives and outreaches, such as “Waffles at Wilbur (Hall)” and weekly frosh dinners. The first Venture, the ministry’s Leadership Lecture Series, focused on Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and Christian community. Drummond is one of many key leaders who are helping first-year students and upperclassmen engage with opportunities to hear the Gospel and grow deeper in their faith. 

“Christian Union has continually challenged me to actively and unashamedly seek to fulfill the tenets of the Great Commission,” he said. “Going into my fourth year, I am able to see clearly the truth in Jesus’ words when He told His disciples that, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” (Matt 9:37 NIV)

“Stanford is replete with believers, both those deeply involved in ministries across campus and those who are not. However, I now believe more than ever that we must not timidly sit aside while our peers are crying out for a panacea that can solve their problems.”