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Harvard Alumni Lead Bible Course at Law School

In September, Julian and Kianna Nunally began leading a Christian Union Bible Course for married Harvard Law School students and their spouses. The newlyweds wanted to minister together and connect with other couples.

Julian Nunally, Harvard ’17, is a third-year law student. Kianna Goldsberry Nunally, Harvard ’18, is an aspiring orthopedic surgeon who is spending the current academic year serving as a clinical research fellow in pediatric orthopedics at Boston Children’s Hospital. “I’m really excited for this (Bible course),” said Kianna. “I love discussion and studying Scripture.”



Julian and Kianna Nunally lead a Christian Union Bible Course at Harvard Law School. 

The pair met during their undergraduate years when both were involved with Christian Union’s ministry to undergraduates at Harvard College. They became engaged during the ministry’s pre-retreat in August 2017 at Vermont’s picturesque Ottauquechee Farm, and married in June 2018 in Kianna’s  hometown of Cokato, Minnesota.

“Christian Union means so much to us,” said Julian. The native of Tennessee was surprised upon his arrival as a freshman at Harvard to discover a vibrant Christian community. Both Nunallys developed deep relationships through Christian Union’s ministry, and some of their closest collegiate companions served as bridesmaids and groomsmen for their wedding.

Julian found a warm embrace in Harvard’s “strong and amazing” community of believers. His bride’s faith strengthened during college, and she was re-baptized during her junior year at nearby Aletheia Church.

Likewise, participants in Christian Union’s ministry provided tangible support for Kianna during her undergraduate studies in human evolutionary biology and through her applications to medical school.

“It was finding family in Christ,” said Kianna. “Some of those friendships are going to last forever.”

After Julian completes law school in May 2020, the Nunallys plan to move to Minnesota’s Twin Cities, where Kianna intends to resume studies at the University of Minnesota Medical School in the fall.

At their Bible course, which will focus on Colossians, the Nunallys hope to help law students better balance the stresses and competitive nature of legal studies with their commitments to faith and marriage. As the editor-in-chief of Harvard’s BlackLetter Law Review, Julian is well familiar with the ever-present grind and strain of intense academic pressures.

Justin Yim, Christian Union’s ministry director at Harvard Law School, expressed profound appreciation for Julian and Kianna Nunally and especially for their spiritual giftings and hospitality.

Julian demonstrates a “sensitive heart to those in need, and is willing to be the ‘good neighbor’ that Jesus has commanded His followers to be,” said Yim.

“Julian has a pastoral heart, and a genuine desire to see people connected in Christian community.” As for Kianna Nunally, Yim said the multi-talented Minnesotan is passionate about ministry service and “possesses a keen mind for God’s Word and all things theological.” 

Hosting a Bible course also dovetails with Julian's plan to venture into ministry. He has felt called to vocational ministry since high school, and was a comparative religion major as an undergraduate.

Nonetheless, he felt compelled to pursue legal training and experience before transitioning into full-time ministry. After his wife completes medical residency, Julian hopes to enroll in divinity school.

“Even as a lawyer, I have a duty to be a witness,” said Julian. “God has given me the gift of public speaking. I would love to be a pastor.”

At Harvard Law School, Kianna also is leading a separate discipleship group on behalf of Christian Union for female law students. Kianna hopes to pass on the mentoring she received during her participation with Christian Union’s ministry to Harvard undergrads.

Not surprisingly, Julian noted his wife has a “great, healing heart.” She is a “great listener, liaison, and mentor.”

Some of Kianna’s interest in ministry and medicine derives from her battle with sickle cell trait as a child. Both Nunallys were part of Harvard’s track teams, and Kianna experienced occasional complications tied to sickle cell trait.

Today, the Nunallys are committed to using their talents to help graduate students navigate the pressures of advanced studies at a top-tier law school. Julian and Kianna Nunally are committed to strengthening budding marriages and sharing their deep affection for the Lord.

“I grew the most in my faith because of community,” said Julian. “So many people come into law school needing to hear the love of Jesus Christ.”

Yim said the Nunallys are the perfect couple to reflect Christ’s heart for aspiring lawyers and their spouses. “Julian and Kianna are a force to be reckoned with for the kingdom of God,” he said