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Hein ’20 Is Persistent in Pursuing God 

by tom campisi, managing editor

Adrienne Hein is a leader with the Seeking God Team for Christian Union at Cornell.

During the 40 days of Lent, Hein ’20 led by example. The Hotel Administration and French major joined Christians from various campus ministries at 10 p.m. for 45 minutes of prayer each evening. Hein made the uphill trek from her dorm to the Cornell House of Prayer to intercede on behalf of the campus community with approximately 20-30 other students. The Cornell House of Prayer is a place near campus where Christians gather “to glorify God and establish His Presence at Cornell University through intercession and worship.”

Climbing the “Cornell Slope” every night was quite a mountaintop experience that changed Hein’s outlook on prayer.

“She kept going. And the Lord met her there every time,” said Carrie Jussely, a Christian Union ministry fellow at Cornell.

“There were nights when I thought I just couldn’t do it. I had too much work, not enough sleep, or it had just been a lousy day and I didn’t want to talk to the Lord about it,” Hein said. “But by His grace, revealed in persistent friends, I would go. And then, especially on those reluctant nights, I became ever so aware again of my need for Him, but also my delight in Him…He gives peace! He loves us! He knows that a mere 45 minutes in His presence will renew my mind, give me the strength to complete all that He is calling me to do, and enable me to love anyone at all (namely, Him).”

In addition to Hein, students from Christian Union at Cornell who consistently attended the Cornell House of Prayer included: co-president John Nystrom ’18, Kaitlyn Blake ’21, Kimberly St. Fleur ’21, Anderson Chang ’19, and Michaela Brown ’18.

“It was a beautiful thing to have students from all different ministries commit to come and pray each night for 40 days,” Jussely said. “What a beautiful reminder of both the diversity and the unity of the Church.”

“It was incredible to spend the 40 days of Lent alongside my brothers and sisters in preparation of the greatest day of the year, Easter,” said Hein.

Praying over 40 nights allowed the sophomore to understand one of her favorite verses in a practical way. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

“We sought first the King, who He is, what He desires,” recalled Hein. “We did not seek community first, nor His gifts, nor His peace…. We just wanted to be in His presence. But get this; He added all those things.”

During the academic year, Christian Union’s Seeking God Team hosted daily prayer times for one hour each weekday, and other seasons of fasting and intercession. Hein recalled a memorable event when the ministry focused on a single attribute of God for the evening (faithfulness), and spent the night reading Scripture, sharing testimonies, praying, and worshiping.

In addition to being a key member of the Seeking God Team, Hein also leads a freshman Bible course for Christian Union and is part of a sophomore Bible course. As the spring semester came to a close, Hein and the Seeking God Team were already looking ahead to the fall and possibly offering more opportunities for students in the leadership develop ministry to seek the Lord together.  

“We’re hoping to start nightly prayer meetings next semester at the Christian Union’s Mott Center, which is an incredible home for students right off campus. How wild would it be if freshmen came to campus, and they knew where to find brothers and sisters who love the Lord every night? Count me in.”

{tweetme}As she looks back on the past year at Cornell and her involvement with Christian Union, Hein is thankful for the way she has grown in grace.{/tweetme}

“I’ve seen the beauty in stopping, remembering He is worthy of so much more than a mere hour of my day,” Hein said. “God has radically grown the way I see and value prayer this past year, and I praise Him. It is all for His glory and my good.”