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Family is Thankful for Christian Union's Ministry at Columbia 

At Columbia University, in the heart of one of the world’s most influential cities, academic rigor and the vibrant, rapid pace of life merge to form an exhilarating and often intimidating atmosphere for incoming freshmen. Establishing relationships and a sense of belonging are critical in the first weeks of college life. Michael was first introduced to Christian Union during freshman orientation when he was invited to a Christian Union jazz night. “From that point on, I’ve been involved in the ministry, helping out and volunteering in any capacity necessary,” Michael shared. 



(Left to right) Joel, Rachael, Nathan, Chris, Gabe, Priya, and Michael

Months before new freshmen step onto campus, ministry faculty pray diligently for each one of them. During the Freshman Welcoming Campaign, Christian Union faculty and student leaders earnestly welcome students into an authentic Christian community. The impact can be significant: “All of my closest friends are involved with the ministry, and as a result, there’s a real sense of belonging. The friendships are built to last with deep roots and are truly genuine,” explained Michael. He went on to share, “Christian Union has greatly impacted and improved my faith. The community that I have keeps me accountable, and through my Bible course I have grown in my ability to study scripture and understand how it applies to my life. I’m also inspired by the faith that I see in my peers; it pushes me to dive deeper into my own faith and lean in more to God’s Word.”

Michael’s parents, Chris and Priya, attest to the home away from home and “the camaraderie” that their son has found at a university where vastness can so easily breed loneliness. Both were delighted to learn “that a solid, non-compromising, yet non-judgmental Christian fellowship is thriving at such a secular and prominent institution.” 

By God’s design, the ministry of Christian Union is made possible because faithful givers with like-minded hearts invest sacrificially to help bring about revival at institutions like Columbia, places that exert disproportionate influence on American culture. Parents of Christian Union students have played a pivotal role in deepening and expanding this kingdom work, and the ministry is so grateful to Chris and Priya for their generous giving. They added, “We thank God for leading Michael to Christian Union and pray that God uses him to bless the ministry for years to come.” 

The hope and prayer of the ministry team at Columbia is that Michael will continue to hone and exercise his God-given skills that will equip him to have a profound impact for Christ now and far into the future. “Christian Union is working to revitalize college campuses. I’ve already seen the impact it can have, and I’ve only been here for one semester,” said Michael. “Universities need Christ and the Gospel, and Christian Union is working to bring that to fruition.”  


Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. —Hebrews 10:23


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