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October 14, 2015

Gains New Editor-in-Chief

nicholas-chuan-articleIn the fall semester, Brown sophomore Nicholas Chuan will take over as editor-in-chief of The Cornerstone Magazine, a student-run, Christian literary and arts magazine. According to the Singapore native, the Bible teaching and leadership development provided by Christian Union's ministry on campus has helped shape his worldview and equip him for his new leadership role.

"The in-depth and rational look Christian Union takes toward various issues, such as sex and spirituality, has given me a model to think about issues within the Christian worldview," said Chuan. "Christian Union Bible courses have given me a deeper understanding of the Gospel and how to live it out as a student."

That kind of spiritual growth will prepare him to address the types of issues that The Cornerstone Magazine will explore, according to Justin Doyle, a Christian Union ministry fellow at Brown.

Chuan, a former soldier with the Singaporean military, values the weekly one-on-one mentoring he receives from Doyle.

"The [discussions with Justin] keep me thinking about my faith and continually challenge me to hunger for the Word," said Chuan. "I often bring many questions from my Bible course and events that happen over the week to the session and leave with some answered, but even more to ponder over."

Likewise, the meetings have been a blessing for Doyle as well.

"I recently told him that, whether he knew it or not, he continually challenges me in my own pursuit of Christ in the way he tenaciously devotes himself to growing in his relationship with Jesus," said Doyle.

As a result of his Christian worldview and deeper knowledge of the Bible, Chuan is ready to make informed editorial decisions regarding the magazine's content. The mission of The Cornerstone Magazine is to provide a platform that is both evangelistic and ministerial.

"We seek to reach the pre-believer by provoking spiritual responses to the pieces we produce," said Chuan. "Secondly, we hope to minister to the believer who can relate to the artistic and spiritual outlets we provide."

Chuan said he is seeking to have The Cornerstone Magazine help reconcile misperceptions about Christianity and the Bible.

"I hope that the magazine can undo any negative, preconceived notions that other Brown students have of the Christian faith," he said.

Additionally, Chuan wants the publication—with staff from Brown and nearby Rhode Island School of Design—to serve as a source of unity and encouragement to believers, demonstrating that despite what they may feel, they are not alone in their faith on campus.

"I feel that Cornerstone is a unique ministry in that it brings together people from diverse backgrounds, as we welcome student contributors of all denominations. This allows me to have fellowship with Christian students of various backgrounds and understand the different perspectives each of them bring," said Chuan.

According to Chuan, the leadership training he receives through Christian Union will also help him manage the staff and initiating discussions.

Doyle agrees.

"Rarely do you see a young man in his early 20s who is so devoted to Christ, so disciplined and passionate in the way he chases after his Savior," said Doyle. "When you add to this passion and devotion a pure and honest humility, you have a mature servant of Christ. There is no question in my mind that he will serve The Cornerstone Magazine well as editor-in-chief."