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Ministry Director at HLS Has High Expectations 

by catherine elvy, staff writer

Christian Union’s ministry director at Harvard Law School anticipates a season of fruitful expansion.

“I’m looking towards the 2019-2020 academic year with hopes for growth, both in numbers and impact,” said Justin Yim.


Yim, who joined the Christian Union faculty in November, is focused upon inspiring student leaders in the ministry to drive growth by connecting with their peers. “Our growth will come from our core leaders reaching their immediate spheres of influence, their sections, and their friends in law school,” he said. “My gifting is in casting vision to my leaders and developing a cohesive leadership team around the vision.”

The longtime pastor in Central New York relocated his family to coastal Massachusetts during fall 2018 after sensing a divine call to spiritual service in New England. As director, Yim oversees Bible courses, luncheon lectures, and outreach efforts. He also  mentors law students and other graduate students.

“Law students love to feed their minds,” Yim said. “I want to feed their hearts, as well.” While lawyers are being trained “to make decisions based upon their minds, Christianity is not just a matter of the mind, but a matter of the heart.”

Already,  Yim has connected with incoming law school students during two admitted-students weekends in the spring. With the help of upperclassmen, Yim hosted breakfasts for the class of 2022, letting them know about the resources for Christian growth that are available at Harvard Law School through Christian Union.

“We welcomed them to the community,” he said.

During the spring term, Christian Union’s ministry offered an in-depth study on the book of Nehemiah to students from Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School. The gatherings also featured dedicated time for dinner and prayer.

Yim selected Nehemiah as the core text for his initial study with law and government students; the account offers timeless lessons into spiritual and practical leadership. God raised up the Jewish official for a strategic mission, pointing to the role of Providence through the medium of human managers.

At the end of the spring semester, Yim asked core students to consider the type of legacy they will leave at Harvard Law School. He specifically encouraged them to multiply as godly leaders.

“I would love to see mentorship multiply through the students themselves,” said Yim. “I’m here to support them.”

During the fall semester, Yim is planning on using student leaders to help facilitate three or more Bible courses, including one tailored to international students. 

“Students reaching students is going to be crucial,” he said.

Also during 2019-20, Yim will guide Christian Union’s ministry at Harvard Law School to incorporate regular prayer and seeking God times. He  is also challenging students to pray for tangible revival at Harvard. “If we want to see revival happen at the law school, we need to dedicate ourselves to praying for it,” he said. 

“We want to engage students in prayer here. That’s going to be a focus.” Yim draws a direct connection between a prayer emphasis and the growth that will follow. “If we remain faithful to God’s Word and in prayer, why wouldn’t the Lord add to our numbers?” he asked, rhetorically.


Ultimately, Yim desires to “build a foundation that will far outlast me.”