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by whit hazelton 

MagDayandNightIn October 2018, Christian Union’s online ministry, Day and Night, again led Christians from across America—not just students—in The Great Experiment, a month-long effort to pursue God wholeheartedly for spiritual renewal. A record 4,500 Christians across America signed up to carry out a five-part commitment involving increased morning and evening prayer and Bible reading (inspired by Luke 18:1-8), daily repentance (Hebrews 12:1,2), obeying the Holy Spirit (Psalm 143:10), elevated faith (Joshua 1:8-9), and evangelism (Acts 1:8).


New for October 2018 was a component called The Joshua Faith Challenge, inspired by Joshua and Caleb, who were known for their courageous faith in God (Numbers 13-14:38). Joshua and Caleb were not afraid to enter into the land God had promised, even though many mighty nations lived there. They were eager to obey God and take on whatever challenge He called them to face.  

For the Joshua Faith Challenge, participants sought the Lord for a specific, unique challenge they would take on that month. It was to be something unusual and daring that would stretch their faith.

One participant wrote, “I shall endeavor to share Christ with every taxi/Uber car that I take during the month,” while another committed to “giving two or three times the normal giving amount in October.” A man in New York City wrote: “At my club, there are nude pictures of a couple of women on a bulletin board in the men’s locker room. God has put it on my heart to reach out to management and have them taken down.” We followed up with him and learned that he was successful in getting them taken down!

Throughout the month, participants shared their testimonies with Christian Union:


“We are in day four and I am absolutely astonished at the reaction I receive sharing Christ with Uber drivers. I have now shared with six drivers in Madrid and Barcelona. Their reaction has been entirely positive and I have shared with people from Catholic, Evangelical, Mormon, Orthodox, and Muslim backgrounds. They all relish the conversations; I keep arriving late at meetings because, as several have now commented, ‘I could talk about this for hours.’ I always finish with ‘May God bless you’ and most have returned the blessing.”

“Started a weekly women’s Bible study on what it means to truly follow Christ. I’ve begun fasting one day a week.”

“My Joshua Challenge was creating a community event called the Concert of Prayer to pray against suicide and for the youth of our nation. There were many obstacles that stood in the way, but God forged a path through all of them.”

“Taking part in the Joshua Challenge has renewed my relationship with God. My husband and I have become closer through our reading of the Bible and daily prayer. We have a new outlook on life through God’s love and forgiveness. I was able to forgive those who had hurt me and to heal broken relationships.”


In response to feedback from participants, the Great Experiment is returning March 1-10, 2019, in a more compact, but intense format. A variety of Christian leaders and teachers will exhort and encourage participants through live-streamed video devotionals every morning and night of the ten-day event. Participants will also receive prayer and Bible-reading guidance through daily e-mails, and, of course, challenge themselves to draw near to the Lord in a focused and concerted way through the five commitments of the Great Experiment. May God pour out His Spirit and answer our cry for spiritual renewal both in us personally and in our land!

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Christian Union invites all Christians across America to sign up for the March 2019 Great Experiment at www.dayandnight.org.


Whit Hazelton is the marketing director of Day and Night, Christian Union’s online ministry promoting spiritual strengthening across America through prayer, fasting, repentance, evangelism, and dedication to seeking God.