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Christian Union Is Helping Moore ’20 to Thrive

by catherine elvy, staff writer


One year ago, T. Preston Moore ’20 returned to the faith of his youth after rededicating his life to Christ. The Atlanta-area native was a devout believer until his early teen years but “fell and fell and fell.” After experiencing intense spiritual hunger as a young man, “I went around looking everywhere,” he said. “Everything was vacant compared to Christ.” While a student at Harvard Law School, Moore had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ and came away awestruck by His grace and unmerited mercy. “I came back to faith in a huge way,” he said. “It was such a powerful experience.”


HLSSmallMoore expressed profound appreciation to Christian Union for its ministry to students at Harvard Law School. The Georgetown University alumnus of 2016 especially is grateful for the faithfulness of Ministry Director Justin Yim.

In addition to participating in a Bible course focused upon First Corinthians, Moore also meets with Yim for regular discipleship sessions. “He is definitely a mentor of mine,” said Moore. “He is the real deal.”

Given the pressures of legal studies at Harvard Law School, Yim’s support makes a difference for Moore and his collegiate peers. “Justin has such training and experience in the Word,” said Moore. “I can just reach out to him. He is always a phone call away.”

In turn, Yim expressed admiration for Moore’s dynamic testimony. “The way that God is transforming him in front of everyone’s eyes is nothing short of amazing,” said Yim. “His devotion to Jesus is contagious, and he doesn’t hesitate in sharing Christ with anyone who would have time to listen.”

As well, Yim marvels at Moore’s appetite for biblical training. “One of the things that I appreciate about Preston is his humility and teachability,” Yim said. “If the Word teaches him something, he wants to wrap his life around it.  He is a true disciple in the making.”

Shaping the lives of aspiring lawyers is a source of tangible joy and fulfillment for Yim. In November 2018, the long-time pastor stepped into the role of the director of Christian Union’s leadership development ministry for Harvard law students. In his role with Christian Union, Yim oversees intellectually rigorous Bible courses, hosts fellowship opportunities, and arranges outreaches and events with guest speakers.  

Since 2013, Christian Union has offered in-depth scriptural study, Christian leadership training, and support to students at one of the world’s most influential centers of legal education. Notably, Harvard Law School has a long list of highly distinguished alumni, including U.S. presidents, U.S. Supreme Court justices, U.S. senators, other political leaders, and legal scholars.

At Harvard, Yim wants student believers to learn to “apply God’s Word in real time.” He also desires for aspiring lawyers to approach the judicial realm as persons of faith.

With that in mind, Yim celebrates Moore’s spiritual zest. “There is a hunger for the presence of God in his life that is contagious,” said Yim. “His love of God’s Word is voracious, and he constantly wants to know more and more about what God is like.”

Moore credits the core of his zeal to the spiritual nurturing he receives from Christian Union faculty and student leadership. As he looks ahead to a career in law, Moore wants to reflect his Christian worldview as he labors on behalf of clients. The philosophy major, who plans to return to Atlanta after graduation, hopes to pursue a career centered around litigation and trial work. Notably, Moore is interested in team-based advocacy, especially on behalf of small businesses and individuals, plus complex analysis and public presentation.

As captain of Harvard Law School’s mock trial team, Moore will enter the legal field with formidable credentials. He also served as one of six representatives for Harvard in the 2019 National Trial Competition, and he picked up a “best advocate” award in the 2019 Lone Star Classic Championship.

Once he exits Harvard’s iconic gates, Moore looks forward to showcasing his deep appreciation for God’s grace. As an aspiring lawyer, he has been deeply touched by the concept of divine mercy.

After all, the mercy seat is the place where justice and mercy meet, he said.