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The finals of the third annual SpokenWord Collegiate Bible Memorization Challenge were held in New Haven, Connecticut as part of Nexus 2016, the Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action. Students from five univerisities participated, and each contributed an inspiring presentation. A student team of four from the University of Pennsylvania was named winner despite tremendously inspiring presentations by students from the other schools.

Cornell was represented by Rob Hendricks. (3:47)

Dr. Robert Louis Wilken, Professor Emeritus of the University of Virginia and prolific author, addressed the topic of Spiritual Freedom. (38:27)

In December 2015, Christian Union presented the Christian Leader of the Year Award to a pioneer in the technology sector, Pat Gelsinger. Gelsinger provided advice and inspiration:

Why does our all-good, all-powerful God actively hide from us? Christian Union Teaching Fellow Nick Nowalk addresses what he believes to be the biggest question surrounding the Christian, and really any, faith: why does God hide from his people? (41:54)

What is the true meaning of the term reconciliation? Former Princeton Ministry Fellow Scott Jones discusses who is responsible for and how to go about true Christian reconciliation. (40:01)

Dr. Anthony Bradley, author and associate professor, The King's College, spoke on "The Marketplace and Social Shalom." (46:35)

City Christian Union is a ministry of Christian Union that works with individuals and institutions in developing a network of strong Christian leaders to impact influential cities, starting with New York City.

Students at Princeton explain the impact of Christian Union at Princeton. (10:43)

Courtney McEachon '15 is a graduate of Yale University. Among her many courses and activities, she was a key student leader in the pro-life movement at Yale.

Courtney was involved with a Christian Union Lux at Yale. In this video, she shares about her pro-life convictions and how the ministry supported and encouraged her to find her voice as a much-needed leader. (4:33)

Dr. David Young, Founder and Chairman of global analysis firm Oxford Analytica, was the special guest speaker at Christian Union New York City's Forum. (46:27)

Acclaimed author and social critic Dr. Os Guinness was the special guest speaker at the Christian Union New York City Forum. (52:02)

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