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About the Magazine
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Christian Union: The Magazine, is a quarterly publication of Christian Union. The Magazine exists: 

  • To inform Christian alumni, staff, faculty, students, parents, community members, supporters, and friends about the spiritual state of America's most influential universities from a Christian perspective;
  • To encourage followers of Christ to seek God wholeheartedly; and
  • To keep fans and friends of the ministry updated about Christian Union's work to develop Christian leaders to transform culture.

About Christian Union

Watch our latest video here. Christian Union was founded in 2002 to develop and connect transformative Christian leaders. Christian Union focuses energy toward developing Christian leaders at the leading universities in America, and in select cities, because of their extraordinary influence on our culture and society. For instance, out of the 3,039 four-year colleges and universities in the country, 63 percent of the most influential leaders in our nation come from the top 1 percent of schools. Graduates from these schools also have extraordinary influence on the international scene.

Christian Union takes a unique approach, employing highly qualified ministry faculty and producing exceptional curriculum geared toward developing Christian leaders. The ministry helps students and professionals discover the intellectual validity of Christian faith, the profound joy of seeking God wholeheartedly, and the practical skills to become significantly more impactful in their spheres of influence. 

Currently, Christian Union works in New York City and with students at: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard College, Harvard Law School, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.