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Dear CU Libertas Cornerstone Partners and other friends of the ministry,

We are so grateful for your prayers in this unusual season. Typically we would be beginning to have coffee with freshmen at Thayer Street restaurants and setting up shop at a table in Ratty or V-Dub, for our regular discipleship meetings with students.

This year only a subset of students are back in person. They are picking up take-out meals from the dining halls and Zooming into online classes. Freshmen won’t arrive until the start of the next term -- in January, throwing into chaos our usual plan to welcome them into our Christian Union community. But our God has always been able to work miracles in the midst of chaos, turning the formless into land and sea, making man out of dust. We ask for your prayers that He works in the midst of our challenges as well.

Please pray that:
  • Our ministry faculty are able to reconnect with all our returning students, determining who is remote and who is on campus and making sure we are able to meet their needs to the best of our abilities. May our community and prayer efforts stave off the isolation and loneliness that is rampant during this socially-distanced season.
  • We are able to remotely build momentum that typically begins during our retreat with our student leaders at a beach house in Cape Cod. Our students are missing that time together and looking for other ways to build the powerful energy that drives us into the fall.
  • Online community develops quickly and that we might also be able to meet in person as often as possible when the university gives us permission to utilize our Judson Ministry Center. We transition gracefully into new roles. Layoffs in other parts of Christian Union means several of our faculty are taking on additional roles, which means a shift in how we do our ministry.
  • Our students might find new, creative ways to share the Gospel with others, even as we are missing the in-person class time, the team sports, and the extracurricular activities where evangelism is usually possible.

We are so grateful for your financial support through our Cornerstone Partner program and your constant prayers. Thank you!

Matt Woodward
Ministry Director
Christian Union at Brown

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Brown, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..