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Christian Union
Dear Partners in Prayer,

The first day of spring term began on January 24th! Our students have been on winter break since December 14th  and we miss them terribly. (Because of winter break, this prayer letter is a bit shorter.) We value your prayers for a successful launch into the spring term.

Since our students have been on break the past month and a half, we ministry staff have spent our time prepping our Bible courses, praying for students, and planning for the coming term. We also attended a ministry staff-wide training conference in early January to equip us in discipleship, evangelism, and leading Bible courses. Of course, Christmas was a wonderful time for us and our families to adore our Savior and spend some time resting and recharging.

How might you pray for us as the semester begins to unfold this week? 

  • Pray for our freshmen who will be studying the Bible's view of human sexuality and godly relationships during the first half of the semester. 
  • Our sophomores and juniors will be studying the book of Romans, Paul's magnificent treatise on God's saving and transforming grace.
  • The seniors will be studying the biblical view of vocation, employment, and financial stewardship in preparation for their next season of life.
  • Pray that all of our students will catch a compelling vision for evangelism, worship, discipleship, and community grounded in the gracious, powerful work of God himself. Our first leadership meeting is Wednesday,  January 24th.
  • Pray that Ministry Director Jim Thomforde, Ministry Fellows Carrie Jussely and me, Ministry Assistant Liz Thomforde, and Intern Hannah Dorpfeld would lead and minister out of the strength and love of Christ.
Thank you for your commitment in prayer for our ministry. We are grateful for you!.

Yours in Christ,

Geoff Sackett
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Cornell, please email prayer@christianunion.org.