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Christian Union
Dear Friends of CU at Cornell,

There is never a bad time to elicit interest in Jesus Christ among Cornellians. In an effort to do just that, we served hot chocolate and coffee in free, logoed mugs to dozens of students this past Monday. The ever-bustling lobbies of Willard Straight Student Center and Mann Library were filled with people. Lots of good conversations about our fellowship here on campus took place and everyone we spoke with has been invited to visit our large group meeting this Wednesday. Would you pray that they would take us up on that offer? It would be a unique opportunity for them to hear clearly the claims of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a worshipping and loving community of faith.

Our Bible Courses continue full speed ahead. This past week in one of my fraternity Bible Courses, we examined Paul’s teaching in Romans that God’s righteousness in Jesus Christ is a free gift received solely by faith. One of my juniors responded, “This is astonishing. We deserve God’s just punishment, but instead He graciously gives us the gift of righteousness in Christ!” Another added, “This is almost too good to be true. And yet it is true!”. Join me in praising God for revealing to these young men’s hearts the truth of the Gospel. And also praise God that stories like this are commonplace in our Bible Courses.

Inclement weather kept our large group meeting called Vita Fidei from happening last week, but it didn’t stop a group of our students who live close by from gathering for impromptu worship and prayer at our Mott Ministry Center. This is not a one-time occurrence. Our students routinely gather at the Mott to worship in song, prayer, and scripture readings throughout the semester. Our freshmen are loved well and participate regularly in these gatherings. Clearly this is a sign of the Lord’s powerful work in our students’ lives. Praise God!

What’s coming in the weeks ahead? Spring break (March 31-April 8), more hot chocolate and coffee giveaway/conversations about Christ (April 10 and May 8), 40-days of daily prayer that several of our students participate in, Vita Fidei large group meeting (Wednesday evenings), a special event (details to come) in April, our weekly Bible Courses, and Grill Me For Grilled Cheese in May.

Thank you for your steadfast prayers and love for the students here at Cornell. We deeply appreciate you.

Yours in Christ,

Geoff Sackett
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

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