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Dear friends of Christian Union at Cornell,

Spring has arrived in Ithaca! While winter, too, is a gift from the Lord, spring is a wonderful reminder of the new life that is ours in Christ. Praise Him for the provision of a Savior who has accomplished everything we need for our salvation, to His glory.

One might think that the end of the academic year is a time to slow down, but that was not the case the past month. The last few weeks were filled with ministry activity. Before describing it, I want to pause to give public thanks to our many students who sacrificed time and energy for the sake of loving each other and others on campus for the sake of Christ so well these past several weeks.

Two Friday evenings ago, roughly forty students and staff responded face-to-face to 372 questions about Christianity and hand delivered the same number of grilled cheese sandwiches to students on and near campus. This is a massive logistical effort (marketing, cooking, driving, responding) requiring a lot of sustained attention to shifting details and our students did it with grace and aplomb. What is more, this was an inter-campus ministry effort which displayed the unity of the body of Christ on campus. And most importantly, relationships with unbelievers were formed as questions were answered and food was delivered.

Last week, we distributed over 150 cups of free iced coffee and lemonade to students in the heavily trafficked Mann Library. This is a way for us to show that we care for students weighed down by the stress of campus life. It is also an opportunity to show that we are present on campus as a ministry for any student who wants to belong. We will follow up with these folks (both from the grilled cheese event and our monthly coffee events) over the summer months to remind them of our presence on campus. Would you pray that they would respond with interest?

A pinnacle event of the last few weeks was our third annual senior banquet. Our seniors have poured their energy, time, and hearts into this ministry the past four years. The ministry would not be what it is today without their involvement. Tears, laughter, and lots of encouraging memories were shared by staff and students. Please pray that our seniors would transition well into what for most of them will be new communities, new work or study, and new relationships.

As a way to bless our female students, our female staff held separate teas for each class. This was a special bonding time as ministry fellow Carrie Jussely, ministry assistant Liz Thomforde, intern Hannah Dorpfeld, and my (wonderful) wife Heather Sackett hosted each class for a time of sharing, encouraging, crafting, and brunching together.

Finally, we end on another high note: ministry director Jim Thomforde is now a doctor! Jim recently completed his PhD from the University of Edinburgh on the theology of the great American pastor and theologian Jonathan Edwards. Join us in giving thanks to God for this significant achievement.

What’s to come? Commencement is the weekend of the 27th and many of our non-graduating students have already completed their exams and left campus. Pray that they would find faithful communities back home. With us, praise God, too, for His tender and strong mercies this past year. We have witnessed growth in Christ within our students that comes from the Lord of grace alone.

Please know how thankful we are for you and your prayers. A non-believing friend of mine (from my hometown) asked me recently if prayer was truly efficacious. We know it is because the Lord himself has assured us that it is. Thank God for that assurance.

Take care,

Geoff Sackett
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

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