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Christian Union
Brothers and sisters in Christ,

It is hard to believe that this semester is at an end. Our students are finishing up their last finals this weekend, and many have already made their trips back home. This last month was a busy one with a number of important events happening. The annual Christmas party we hosted after the end of classes was a great time of fun and fellowship for our students. The following day, we hosted Grill Me for Grilled Cheese. Students were invited to text in their questions about Christianity and in return would receive a free grilled cheese. We had around 350 students text in questions, and had a number of volunteers help to answer those questions. Students reported several encouraging conversations they had with unbelieving students, as well as some Christian students not connected with Christian Union.

As we move into the Christmas season, there are a number of things about which we would ask for prayers.

  • After a very busy couple of weeks the students need time to take a break. Pray that they would get the necessary rest and time of recovery.
  • For some students, family situations are difficult, especially when they are the only believers in their immediate family. Pray for those students during this time while they are away from their Christian friends.
  • It is important that students try to stay connected to one another during break, as well as connected to Christ. Ask for those relationships to continue.
  • We would also ask that students would be encouraged to come to Nexus for a time of spiritual growth and fellowship as they consider their next semester.

We appreciate all your prayers for the students here at Cornell!

Jordan Cooper
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Cornell, please email prayer@christianunion.org.