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Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Our students were gone for the past month over Christmas break, and classes have just reconvened. Some Bible courses started last week, but most are about to begin as we teach both the book of Acts and Seeking God to our students. As a staff we have begun meeting with students since they have come back from break and have been planning for our Bible courses this semester. Our large group meeting is going to begin next week. At the end of the first week of classes, we kicked off our semester with a dinner and game night. Many students came and showed a lot of enthusiasm for the events coming up within the next couple of months.

As we move into the beginning of this new semester, there are some important things to keep in prayer regarding our ministry at Cornell.

  • As Bible courses begin, pray that students would prioritize these meetings in their busy schedules, and that we as leaders, would be guided by the Spirit in bringing the truths of the gospel to these students.
  • There are some students who will begin Bible courses this semester who have not done so previously. We thank God for his faithfulness and pray that He would help these students learn His Word and its importance in their lives.
  • A new study is beginning with men involved in Greek life. This is an area of outreach that we have been praying about, and we ask that you join us in those prayers.
  • We have been discussing a number of different social and outreach events to hold in the near future. Pray that these things would happen in accord with God’s will, and in a way that would bless the students on this campus.

We appreciate all of your prayers for the students here at Cornell!

Jordan Cooper
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

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