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Brothers and sisters in Christ,

About a month into this semester, Bible courses, Vita, and prayer groups are meeting regularly, and are continuing to be a source of encouragement for our students as they seek God. Our outreach team began a new activity this semester which we have called “Mocha Mondays,” in which we hand out free coffee and hot chocolate at one of the libraries on campus. Along with this, we are also offering free books and mugs. We also have plans to show a documentary on campus about the dangers of the hookup culture, which is so common among college students. The goal is to promote a conversation about sexuality and God’s design for us as men and women.

As we continue to minister on campus this semester, there are some important things to keep in prayer regarding our ministry at Cornell.

  • Pray for our new Mocha Monday’s initiative. We hope that this will be a chance to show the love of Christ in a small way and also to build relationships with non-believers on campus. We also pray that some Christians would connect with Christian Union who were not previously familiar with our presence on campus.
  • As we begin this conversation about sexuality, pray for an openness among students to listen, especially for those who are involved in lifestyles that are destructive. We hope that with some of the recent conversations in the culture about sexual abuse, that students will be open to hearing about God’s plan for marriage and sex.
  •  We began our new study with men in Greek life. It is a small group at this point, but we are very thankful for the opportunity to reach into that aspect of campus life. Pray for growth in numbers and in the faith of those participating.
  • Pray for those who attended Nexus, that the blessing of fellowship and teaching that were there would strengthen them in their daily walk with God.

We appreciate all of your prayers for the students here at Cornell!

Jordan Cooper
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

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