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Christian Union
Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are coming up on the end of our Spring semester here at Cornell, and there are several important things which are happening in the last weeks of the school year. The seniors are getting ready for their next stage of life, and others are getting into serious study mode as they prepare for finals. We are also preparing for our Grill Me for Grilled Cheese outreach event, as well as our Senior Banquet.
As we move into the end of this semester, please keep the following important things in prayer regarding our ministry at Cornell.

  • Pray for our seniors as they finish out their semester. This period of transition can be both exciting and scary. Some are going on to graduate school, while others are moving for new careers.
  • Our seniors are participating in a senior gift to help the ministry next school year. Pray for a continued heart for generosity and giving for them as they move on in life.
  • Some of our freshmen are considering ways to help with Freshmen Campaign and Bible Courses in the coming year. We are thankful for God’s work in their lives, and pray that He would continue to inspire and equip them for leadership.
  • We will be doing our Grill Me for Grilled Cheese outreach event in May. This is a great opportunity to bring the Gospel to unbelievers on campus. Pray for the powerful working of the Holy Spirit over the conversations that happen through it.
  • We have one final free coffee and hot chocolate giveaway on campus. We are thankful for the work God has done through those giveaways this semester and pray that the final one would also be a blessing.

We appreciate all your prayers for the students here at Cornell!

Jordan Cooper
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

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