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Christian Union
Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We have come to the end of our Spring semester, and our students have mostly departed from campus. Seniors graduated and are preparing for new jobs and graduate school. Underclassmen are at summer internships, jobs, or are remaining on campus for various research projects. The summer is a time to prepare for the next year and is hopefully a time of rest for our students.

As we move into Summer break, there are some important things to keep in prayer regarding our ministry at Cornell.

  • We are in a process of transition and are looking for a new women’s ministry fellow. Pray for guidance in this process, that God would send us the right candidate.

  • Pray for our seniors as they move on to various new endeavors after their time at Cornell.

  • Some of our students will be remaining on campus for research. Pray for a time of fellowship and growth for them as we continue to minister to them during this time.

  • Join us in prayer for the incoming freshmen. We will be reaching out to incoming students, and we pray that God would open hearts for them that they might have a desire for Christian fellowship throughout their time at Cornell.

  • Some students have gone home to difficult family situations. Pray for God’s guidance and comfort as they spend time away from campus. We appreciate all your prayers for the students here at Cornell!

Jordan Cooper
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Cornell 

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