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Christian Union
Dear CU Vita Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

We are incredibly encouraged by what God is doing at Cornell and we thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. There is an unprecedented amount of fellowship and activity at the Mott Center. Students are praying together, studying together, sharing meals together, and spending time in God’s Word. There is a heart to seek the Lord that we are witnessing both within our group and across the campus.

A weekly student-led worship night at Mott has been an incredible blessing to our group. As we approached Easter, the group of students leading this effort decided to organize back-to-back sunrise services on Easter. With many churches continuing to meet only virtually, our students perceived the need and desire within the Christian community at Cornell to gather together to celebrate the Risen Christ and the great hope we have in him. These services that were filled with gospel Scripture, worship music, and prayer attracted students from our ministry and others, and they were a source of incredible unity and encouragement during this difficult pandemic season.

Another highlight has been an upperclassmen men’s Bible course studying Acts. This group started the year with five students and has, as of last Thursday night, grown to 15. The guys are increasingly inviting their friends. Two weeks ago, one of the students brought two of his fraternity brothers, and the following week, not only did they return, but they brought another three of their brothers. In addition to this, one of our sophomores in this group invited two of his friends, one a skeptic who grew up in the church and the other an atheist. Needless to say, we are so encouraged by what God is doing in our midst!

Of course, the semester winds down in a couple of weeks. Please pray for our students as they prepare for final exams and make plans for the summer. Pray that they would be strong in the Lord, confident in Him and the promises of the gospel. Pray for one of our guys who had a fall and concussion, that he would regain his health and be able to finish his academic work this semester. Pray for our year-end leadership meeting this weekend on Saturday, that we would all be encouraged in our fellowship and our vision for next year. And on that note, pray for revival, that God would come and do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine, that His Kingdom would come in great power at Cornell—and across our nation—in this coming year. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

Jim Thomforde
Interim Ministry Director
Christian Union Vita

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