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Christian Union
Dear CU Vita Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

After having enjoyed Thanksgiving break, our students are in the final stretch of the semester. Year-end leadership meetings, Bible courses, and the CU Vita Christmas party are fast approaching and the students have loads of academic work to finish up during the coming weeks. As we look back on the semester, we are grateful for God’s gracious and powerful work in our midst. He has spoken through His Word, brought new believers to faith, and shined His light on the campus of Cornell through this amazing group of students. Thank you for praying for us for a strong finish to the semester!
Please pray for our students, that they would find their joy in the Lord Jesus, and find contentment and strength in Him, as they study, complete projects and exams, and as they pray, share their faith, and walk in His love and grace.

Pray for our student leaders, for wisdom, discernment, love, and boldness as they inspire, teach, and lead their friends in ministry at Cornell.

Pray for our staff, for strength and the power of the Holy Spirit to teach the Word and lead our ministry teams well, and for love and wisdom to mentor our students so that they will grow and become mature in Christ.

Pray for Cornell, that more students would come to faith, and that God would pour out his Spirit for the salvation of many and his beautiful glory, and pray that the campus would be safe from the virus.

Your prayers mean so much to us. Thank you.

Jim Thomforde
Interim Ministry Director
Christian Union Vita
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