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Christian Union
Dear CU Vita Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

Thank you for your partnership and prayers! We have been so encouraged by the ways that our students have been seeking the Lord this semester. There are now five different prayer meetings going on throughout the week with 35-40 students in attendance each week. There are four student-led meetings and one meeting that I lead on Monday mornings focused on revival and renewal at Cornell. At this prayer meeting, several prominent male student leaders from across different campus ministries gather together with me to pray for the week ahead, for every campus ministry, the leaders, upcoming meetings, the local churches and pastors, and for God to pour out His Spirit at Cornell for the awakening and salvation of many souls.

Our seven Hebrews Bible courses have had strong attendance all semester and students have been growing in their knowledge of our great high priest Jesus, the Son of God our Savior. Our Seeking God team led students on a prayer retreat two weeks ago. One of our senior leaders, Emily, led a presentation on silent retreats and listening to God’s voice. Then the students spent two hours individually in God’s Word reading and listening to God, after which they met together to talk about their experiences, shared a meal, and then had a worship night, continuing to seek the Lord late into the night! Also, so that each of our new students will be equipped to study God’s Word, each new student with CU Vita this year will be provided with a new ESV Study Bible this semester. We are thankful for the ministry partners that have made this generous gift possible!

Thank you for continuing to pray:

  • For our campus, that Cornell would witness a great revival and see many students and faculty come to know the gospel of Christ and be renewed in their hearts and minds after the image of Christ, for the glory of God at Cornell and around the world.
  • For our ministry staff, that we would be filled with God’s Spirit and strengthened by His power for the sake of serving our students and the Cornell community well.
  • For our student leaders, that they would know God’s peace in the midst of many challenges and pressures, and that they would have wisdom and strength to encourage and exhort their friends in the Lord and lead them in what it means to follow Jesus.
  • For our Bible course leaders, that they would have insight into God’s Word and love for the students in their groups, so that God would be glorified through His truth in the gospel and that our students would experience God’s sanctifying power and grace.

Thank you for your partnership and prayers!

Jim Thomforde
Interim Ministry Director
Christian Union Vita

PS – Would you sign up for a 15-minute daily time to pray for our nation and our churches, so that there would be ceaseless prayer through the CU 24-Hour Prayer Chain? One hundred seventy-five slots have already been filled, and CU’s goal is to have 300 intercessors. Would you be one of the one hundred twenty-five more to stand in the gap?