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Dear CU Vita Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

We are just two weeks away from the start of the spring semester at Cornell, and we are looking forward to all that our faithful Savior is going to do through our students in Ithaca in this new year. I was so encouraged by a recent conversation with one of our students, a member of the Cornell wrestling team. After battling back from a serious injury last year, he recently began wrestling again with great success, only to injure himself again a couple of weeks ago. And this injury could end his wrestling career. But even in the face of this disappointment, his faith is strong, trusting in God’s plan and providence. As we talked together over lunch, we rejoiced in the goodness of God and the amazing gift of eternal life through Christ, which put everything in perspective. Seeing the faith of this student in the midst of trials and challenges reminded me that God is surely with us and He is faithful to preserve and sanctify His people at Cornell.

Please continue to pray for our students, that they would trust God’s plan for their lives and remain confident and steadfast in their devotion to our faithful God. Pray for our student leaders, that they would be prepared and equipped for the work of the ministry on campus this semester, and that our Bible course leaders would have diligence, wisdom, compassion, and love as they share the Word of God at Cornell. Please pray for our staff, that we would have energy, boldness, and confidence to lead in a way that truly makes Christ known on this campus and inspires our students to glorify Christ in all that they do at Cornell. Pray that God would pour out His Spirit and bless this group of amazing students during this upcoming spring semester, and pray that He would seek and save the lost at Cornell, all for the glory of His great name. Thank you for your partnership and for your prayers!

Jim Thomforde
Interim Ministry Director
Christian Union Vita

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