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Christian Union
Dear Prayer Partners of CU Martus,

“Morale is low…mutiny is imminent.” Those are words that might have been penned during Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition, or by sailors circumnavigating the globe during a scurvy outbreak. Or they might be the words of families and individuals after having been quarantined for weeks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, for Christians, this is a season of hardship to be sure, but also of deep hope. Morale in the worldly sense may be trending a bit downward, but hope in Christ keeps it from sinking. Mutiny from our Lord and Savior, our source of hope? Never.

I’ve been so proud of our students as they have finished the semester with resilience, grace, and much prayer, leaning on Christ and strengthened by His Spirit. Finals are now completed, commencement was celebrated, and students are transitioning to a season of rest and, eventually, internships and summer jobs.

In this odd but ordained season would you join us in praying for:

  • Our 2020 graduates, who have had such a strange ending to their college careers. Please pray that they would see God’s grace in new and inspiring ways during this season.
  • Revival at Penn. Our hope is still the same, Coronavirus or not, on-campus or virtual: that God would visit our campus, bring sinners to repentance, and revive the hearts of His people.
  • In-coming Freshmen (class of 2024), that their hearts would be prepared by God’s Spirit to hear and receive the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are praying for a bountiful 2024 class in spite of uncertainty about the fall semester.
  • That God would raise up Cornerstone Partners to support this ministry through prayer and giving. Our team at Penn will be reaching out to share about our current need in light of COVID-19, the ways God has been working uniquely through this season, and opportunities to partner with us in His work.

In Christ our King

Tucker Else

Ministry Director

Christian Union at Penn