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Christian Union
Dear CU Martus Cornerstone Partners and other friends of the ministry,

A semester unlike any other begins in just under a week. This year we will gather on Zoom instead of on Locust Walk. Student leaders at CU Martus have been preparing and praying for a God-honoring start to the semester. Thank you for your continued prayers for us!

  • Prior to the start of the semester, we have a pre-retreat for returning student leaders. It is a time to connect with God, re-connect with each other, and prepare to connect with the incoming class. This year we are virtual, but it has been a joy seeing faces (even if on a screen), and incredibly encouraging to pray with beloved members of this ministry. As we prepare, would you join us in praying:
  • For Penn’s class of 2024. They are “arriving” at Penn uncertain of how they will make friends, and missing out on the traditional NSO (New Student Orientation) activities that not only create friendships, but provide connections with the Christian community here on campus. Pray that they would be prompted by the Holy Spirit to hold fast to the faith and that God-ordained meetings would take place with Christian upper-classmen.
  • For our student leaders, as they take on a huge role of ministry and discipleship, This year’s economic shifts hit some of CU’s largest supporters disproportionately hard, resulting in a drop in financial support and the wrenching need to lay off some of our full-time staff members.
  • For my own encouragement ministering solo. Pray that Romans 15:13 would be a reality for me, that I might be an encouragement to our students.
  • For revival on campus, that God would do what is beyond my comprehension or imagination. That His Spirit would move in such a way that in the months to come we would routinely see groups of students on College Green with Bibles in hand or heads bowed in prayer. That worship would be inevitable. Pray that God would be glorified and Jesus exalted at Penn!

Thank you for your partnership with us in ministry. Our hope is in Christ. He is our rock and refuge in a time of great uncertainty. Marantha!

In Christ,

Tucker Else

Ministry Director

Christian Union at Penn