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Dear CU Martus Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

We’re now in full swing of our gospel outreach at Penn and we can feel your prayers!

One of our ways to engage students is to set up a table on Locust Walk during times when mass amounts of students are getting out of class and ask them an engaging question. This outreach, pictured below, is a gateway to having conversations about the gospel. Within a span of about three hours, we were able to engage with 67 students in meaningful conversation over donuts and coffee and were given the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

Please be in prayer for our other outreach initiatives:

  • Gospel presentation at Philia (our Leadership Lecture Series) this Thursday at 8pm. Students will be bringing their friends to attend that night.
  • We will be publishing three articles to spread the gospel in mass on campus.
  • We currently have a small group study going for those asking questions about Christianity that is being led by one of our student executives.
  • Students will also be bringing their friends to Bible courses until the end of this semester.

Gospel outreach:

Penn CURise Outreach 1 220407

In the midst of this, we just returned from our retreat at Refreshing Mountain. This was a great time of bonding for students, as well as a saturation in God’s presence. We gathered four times for sessions, students spent individual time in prayer, we conducted small groups, and also had time for each student to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit.

Our topic over retreat was how God is our Father. Students were taken through a brief survey of the Old Testament and New Testament, then into a deep dive of Luke 15:11-32 and how it applies to their life. Students were able to receive a clear picture of how God has always been a Father, to Israel, and through Christ, to them as well. Having this revelation was new to some and freeing for others. Please pray that this revelation of God being our Father will further fuel our outreach efforts, similar to how the father received his younger son and also restored him. Our prayer is that students will love as the father did in Luke 15:11-32.

Here is a photo from our Spring Retreat:

CU Martus Retreat edited 220407

Grace and Peace,

Cory Lotspeich
Ministry Director
Christian Union Martus
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