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Christian Union
Dear CU Martus Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

Greetings from Penn! Our seniors have officially graduated, while others are off to summer internships, jobs, or study abroad programs. It is tough to send off the seniors, knowing that may be the last time I see them in person for the foreseeable future; however, I rejoice knowing how well they have been equipped in their faith to transform the world around them, and I look forward to seeing the fruit of their lives.

As I was sending off seniors and other students for the summer, I was also gearing up for our Spiritus 2022 Conference. I had the privilege of serving as the assistant director of the conference in which we had 32 students in attendance for two weeks of seeking God. Throughout our two weeks of seeking God together, we introduced Daniel Spirituality to the students. This allowed students to have a paradigm, structure, and direct experience in what it means to purposefully and intentionally seek God with one’s whole heart. Furthermore, Daniel Spirituality provides a structure and community in which students can seek God together, further ensuring their success. In total, we had 21 students commit to the three month or twelve month Daniel Spirituality commitment. The Spiritus conference definitely raised the bar, transformed students' lives, and further developed them as leaders. I’m looking forward to Spiritus 2023!

As amazing as Spiritus was, I am also looking ahead to fall 2022 as I prepare for our Freshman Welcoming Campaign. Student executives and I have high hopes and are seeking God for strategy to conduct a successful campaign to reach students at Penn, particularly the males. As you know, our Freshman Welcoming Campaign is the biggest difference maker for CU Martus and Penn’s campus. I think of incoming freshmen and how we can transform their lives through the gospel, and am fueled with excitement. It’s not lost on me that Benjamin Franklin intended Penn to be a place where students could know “the excellency of the Christian religion,” and that in the original charter of Penn (formerly called Academy of Philadelphia) states, “ Now know Ye that We, favouring such Pious, Useful, Generous and Charitable Designs, hoping through the favour of Almighty God this Academy may prove a Nursery of Virtue and Wisdom and that it will produce Men of Dispositions and Capacities beneficial to Mankind in the various occupations of Life.” These words resonate as I consider the mission and objectives of CU Martus, and how they parallel these statements. It is our desire to see students grow in the excellency of the Christian religion (seeking God wholeheartedly), that they too would then go on to transform the world.

Please join me in praying for…

  1. Our Fall 2022 Freshman Welcoming Campaign, that like Joseph, God would give us the ground our feet tread upon (Jos 1:3). We want the gospel and kingdom to advance at Penn, which means connecting and bringing more freshmen into the CU Martus community.
  2. That graduating seniors would take advantage of alumni resources to stay connected with each other and rooted in their faith as they seek God wholeheartedly in their vocations.
  3. That each student who committed to Daniel Spirituality would have the grace and discipline to adhere to their three or twelve month commitment.
  4. More laborers! I am actively seeking to hire a female Ministry Fellow. My prayer is that God will send the right person at the right time.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Grace and Peace,

Cory Lotspeich
Ministry Director
Christian Union Martus
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