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Dear CU Martus Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,


We are nearing the end of the Freshman Welcoming Campaign. I’m pleased to say that the Lord has been faithful in blessing the work of our hands as we reach out to students arriving on campus. We held events like a midnight pancakes gathering, a zoo trip, a late-night activities fair, a Phillies game, and a “Donuts for Dudes and Danishes for Dames” event to welcome new students to Penn’s campus and into CU Martus.

As I write this, our efforts have allowed us to reach a total of 63 freshmen while adding 35 students to our Bible courses this year. We now have two new Bible courses starting for freshmen men and women. We consider it a great joy to have been able to add this many students to Bible courses where they will form lifelong friendships, be steeped in the scriptures, and experience God together.

Most recently, we completed our fall retreat. These new students are finding a home away from home, as was evidenced at our fall retreat. One new student who joined the ministry commented, “Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend! Coming far from home, the first fortnight in the US was quite difficult being away from family and friends. I’m so glad that now I have found a new family of people in the US…I look forward to more memories in the future!”

Here are all the students who went on the fall retreat with us!

CU Martus Fall Retreat 2022

We now seek to provide these new, and current, students with a rich experience in our Bible courses, prayer meetings, Philia gatherings, and a broader community at CU Martus. We will do this through our three goals of 1) increasing Christian Leadership capacity, 2) fervent, wholehearted, seeking of the Lord, and 3) steeping ourselves in Scripture. As we move forward with the semester, I ask that you please join me in prayer for:

  • Our three goals: fulfilling these goals will allow students to participate in a vibrant communion with the Lord and equip them to transform the world around them at Penn and in their future professions.
  • Our women’s Ministry Fellow search. Please pray that the Lord will send whom He’s willed for this position.
  • Those who have committed to Bible courses to follow through with that commitment and bear much fruit in their life (Matt 13:18-23).

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for this ministry!

Cory Lotspeich
Ministry Director
Christian Union Martus
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