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We continue to be grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and financial partnership with our ministry here at Princeton University with Christian Union.  Thank you for your kind words, notes, and thoughts from a distance; we value very much your friendship as we seek to make Christ known on the campus of Princeton.  Below, please find a few highlights from our past month of ministry, as well as some things we’re looking forward to in the weeks ahead.

Bible Courses
The core activity of our ministry – our weekly Bible courses – continues to carry on strongly in this second semester.  Our freshmen Bible courses have moved on from the “Seeking God” Bible course manual to the “Sex and Spirituality” manual during the final five weeks of the semester.  We welcome your prayers as we seek to allow God’s Word to confront and challenge many of the assumptions of our culture when it comes to sexuality and purity.  We hope that, by God’s grace, these Bible courses will be part of God’s work in the lives and hearts of these young men and women to direct them to his purposes for their bodies, relationships, marriages, and lives.

Leadership Lecture Series
We will wrap up our final few weeks of “Encounter” (our weekly Leadership Lecture Series) with messages from ministry fellows Lane Young, James Fields, Kevin Antlitz, Qwynn Gross, and former ministry fellow and current area pastor Scott Jones.  The mini-series, entitled “Christianity in All of Life,” will examine ways that Christ-centered faith touches and transforms our approach to relationships, science, money, family, and suffering.  Please pray that God will use these lectures to deepen our students’ faith in Jesus Christ and his Word.

Upcoming Events
The month of May brings the close of the normal class schedule, with reading period, finals, and graduation looming on the horizon.  In the midst of all this, though, we look forward to the “big move” down the street to our new ministry center – the “Melrose Center.”  We’ll be transferring our offices to the new location during the month of May, in great anticipation for the grand opening at the beginning of June during Princeton reunions.  We hope that many of you will join us for the reception and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, as we dedicate this building to the glory of God here in Princeton.

Israel Trip
Over 40 Princeton students will join Ministry Fellows Lisa Jeffrey and Kevin Antlitz on a trip to Israel this summer – our first trip of this kind.  We are extremely excited about this opportunity for students from our ministry to learn about God’s Word and Christian leadership, while also touring parts of the world that have had such key significance in biblical and Christian history.

We are grateful for your prayers, and thankful for the privilege of serving God here!

Jon Nielson

Christian Union Ministry Director
Princeton University

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