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Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and encouragement to all of us who labor for Jesus Christ on the campus of Princeton University. As you know, Christian Union’s ministry at Princeton has a goal of developing Christian leaders to transform culture; we seek to never lose sight of this goal, as we teach students the Bible, train and mentor young men and women, and do our best to equip them for lives of service, leadership, and influence in our world for the glory of Jesus Christ and the good of all people in Him. Below, I offer you a few brief updates on various aspects of our ministry at Princeton.

Bible Courses
We continue to have well over 400 students participating actively in our weekly Bible courses, which are led by our CU ministry fellows. This semester, each of our 38 Bible courses at Princeton have been engaged in the study and discussion of the Gospel of Mark, which has provided rich and engaging opportunities to point students to the identity, purpose, and mission of Jesus Christ. Many of the students in these Bible courses are committed followers of Jesus Christ; some are still investigating Christian faith. Would you continue to pray that dozens of students would be moved by God’s Spirit to commit their lives fully to Him this year?

Leadership Lecture Series
Each Friday, the students gather for “Encounter” – our weekly leadership lecture series meeting. Highlights of these meetings include student testimonies; just last week, a senior women’s lacrosse player shared about God’s transformative work in her life. We were delighted to see many students come to the meeting who had not yet participated in CU’s ministry on campus, in part because of their friendship with this godly young woman. Would you pray with us that our students would continue to grow in their bold witness for Jesus Christ at Princeton?

Discipleship Meetings
The often forgotten (and unseen) work of our fantastic team of ministry fellows at Princeton is their faithful one-on-one meetings with students throughout every week. Each ministry fellow on our team engages in at least 7 one-on-one meetings with students per week – and many meet each week with far more students than that. These personal conversations are opportunities for speaking more directly to students about their lives, applying God’s Word to their particular struggles and situations, and praying with and for them as they walk with Christ at Princeton. Would you pray that these dozens and dozens of weekly discipleship meetings would bear great fruit for God’s glory in the lives of the students we serve?

Ministry Center
We continue to praise God (and our generous financial partners) for the provision of the Melrose Center – our new ministry center just a few yards from the campus on Vandeventer Avenue. After some minor preparatory work is completed, we look forward to moving our offices – and many of our weekly meetings – into this beautiful building early next semester. Would you pray that this building would house great work for the glory of God for many years to come?

We thank you for your prayers, and so appreciate your partnership with us.

Jon Nielson

Christian Union Ministry Director
Princeton University

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