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Dear friends and partners,

As we wrap up this year of ministry, we do so with praise to God for his faithfulness, kindness, goodness, and grace to us. We have had a rich and full year with the Princeton students, and we count it a blessing to share some highlights with you – our ministry partners through prayer and generous giving.

Bible Courses

We ended the school year with 414 Princeton undergraduate students enrolled in our Bible courses – the largest number ever. I continued to be amazed at the reach of this ministry on this campus. Our Bible courses included athletes from dozens of different teams, dancers and musicians from many different ensembles and clubs, students from all different academic concentrations, and young men and women from a vast variety of different ethnicities and theological backgrounds. Our students come from all over the map, too, with regard to their engagement with the Christian faith. We are blessed to have some very committed Christians; many others are looking into the claims of Jesus Christ for the very first time. We rejoice in the privilege we’ve had to share the gospel with clarity to some students in our Bible courses who are hearing God’s Word taught for the very first time.

Leadership Lecture Series
On any given Friday night, around 120 Princeton students gather for worship, student testimonies, and a lecture – given either by a guest speaker or by one of our gifted ministry fellows. This spring, we closed with four strong weeks of a mini-series entitled “The Gospel and All of Life.” Kevin Antlitz spoke on “Christianity and Science,” Lane Young spoke on “The Gospel and Failure,” Qwynn Gross spoke on “The Gospel and Trials,” and James and Katie Fields wrapped up the semester with a wonderful message on “Christianity and Family.” Our students love hearing from the ministry fellows who know them and their context at Princeton, quite well.

Student Leadership
God has blessed Christian Union’s ministry at Princeton with 35 student leaders, who oversee 9 different leadership teams, which operate and organize all aspects of the on-the-ground ministry at Princeton from worship to communications to outreach. The leadership training aspect of Christian Union’s ministry has been a hallmark of the organization for years, and we are delighted to see the way this year’s student leaders are enthusiastically stepping up with ingenuity, creativity, and most of all, boldness for Jesus Christ and his gospel on the campus of Princeton. The 5 executive student leaders are planning an approach to outreach in the fall that they hope will draw more new freshmen to the ministry than ever before. We are indeed hopeful that this will be the case!

Thank you for your prayers and support for us. We are so grateful for you!

Jon Nielson

Christian Union Ministry Director
Princeton University

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