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Dear partners in the Gospel,

As I write this email, it finally feels like Autumn in Princeton. We are enjoying the cool mornings, warm afternoons and the start of fall foliage. It’s a beautiful time of the year. We are so thankful for your faithful prayers, support, and encouragement as we adjust to the rhythms of the new academic year. We are off to a good start and I’m happy to share with you the following highlights and updates from the past month.
  • Thanks for your prayers for our freshmen welcoming campaign. We have spent countless hours welcoming the new class of 2021 to campus and inviting them to be a part of our Christian community here on campus. We concluded last Spring with robust enrollment in our weekly Bible courses. We hosted numerous events including our annual Open House and frosh dinners. As of today, nearly 130 students from the Class of 2021 signed up to participate in our Bible courses.

  • We’re off to a really strong start with Princeton Faith and Action’s weekly Leadership Lecture Series, “Encounter.” We’ve already hosted some great speakers this year and are excited about so many others yet to come. In September, we hosted Dr. Eric Gregory, a professor in the Religion Department and Chair of the Council of Humanities at Princeton University. He delivered an encouraging and challenging lecture on living a life of grace as a student. We also joined together with other Christian fellowships on campus for our annual Inter-fellowship gathering. For this exciting evening we hosted Dr. Russell Moore, the Director of the Southern Baptists’ Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He gave a very inspiring lecture entitled: “Christians and Contemporary Culture: How to Remain True and Faithful to the Gospel.”

  • Last year, Ministry Fellow, Kevin Antlitz, launched a new initiative called META which exists to foster conversations on Christianity and culture. META is back up and running and will focus on the theme of Christian Ethics this fall. Our first event will host Columbia University Teaching Fellow, Nick Nowalk, with a focus on Christianity, violence and power.

  • Thanks for your prayers for staffing our team here at Princeton. We are delighted to report that we have filled the last position in hiring Ryan Reed as the Teaching Fellow and newest member of our team. All positions have been filled. The team includes: James Fields as the Interim Ministry Director; Ministry Fellows: Kevin Antlitz, Jayne Babij, Qwynn Gross, Carola Hernandez-Capas, Christopher Heslep, Kori Porter, and Ryan Reed as the Teaching Fellow.

Would you continue to pray for both the depth and width of the reach of our ministry here at Princeton University? We are excited to continue teaching through Philippians in our Bible Courses and challenging the students to imitate Christ in every sphere of life. We welcome, and need, your prayers, and continue to count it a privilege to engage daily in this vital and eternally valuable work here at Princeton.

Grace and peace,

Kevin Antlitz
Christian Union Ministry Fellow
Princeton Faith and Action

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