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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are now entering our second full week of classes here in Princeton. Ministry has begun with a breakneck pace as our staff and students earnestly seek to draw freshmen into our ministry and Bible Courses through the Freshmen Welcoming Campaign.

There is a great urgency to the Freshmen Campaign, because decisions about friendships and extracurricular activities made during this time are generally long-lasting. Students often stop exploring potential extracurriculars the longer they are at Princeton—it is almost as if concrete is setting with each passing day. And the decisions students are making about friends and extracurricular activities can alter not only their time at Princeton, but also the rest of their lives. For this reason, our ministry asks for your prayers during this very important season.

As a ministry, in addition to our regular times of worship and prayer at Encounter, TruThursday and 12:1, we are hosting multiple events with the intent of bringing freshmen students into our community. Our hope is that many will come to know Jesus personally, while others would grow in their faith. So far, we have held a number of fruitful events, including a hospitality tabling event for students on the first day of classes, a trip to a Yankees’ game, and three freshmen dinners. We are also excited about multiple events still to come. As a result of God’s provision and our efforts, we have already had almost ninety freshmen express their interest in joining one of our intensive Bible Courses!

As we work to bring freshmen into Christian community, would you please pray for these efforts? We know that without prayer and God’s enablement all of our efforts will be in vain. Given this, please pray for:

Bible Course Enrollment
We desire that many more Princeton students would study the Bible in our Bible Courses, so please pray that more students will join these times of study. Please also pray that these courses would get off to a strong start.

Encounter and TruThursday
These worship times are front doors to our ministry. Please pray that many students would make a commitment to coming faithfully to these times, that God would draw more students to come, and that students would grow in their faith through these gatherings.

We feel very encouraged as a ministry by the ways in which God is answering your prayers for us. Thank for your prayers as well as for your financial support. May God richly bless you as you seek him!

Grace and peace in Christ Jesus,

Ryan Reed

Teaching Fellow         
Christian Union Nova

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