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Christian Union
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As I am writing you, our students are just finishing their midterms and leaving for Fall Break. Though only halfway through the semester, we as a ministry, are celebrating God’s work in the lives of the students we minister to.

Chief among the things we are celebrating is a successful Freshmen Welcoming Campaign. As a result of the Freshmen Welcoming Campaign, we have begun eight new freshmen Bible Courses! We are thrilled about this many students who are devoting their time to intensively studying the Bible and, by God’s grace, we expect them to be transformed by God’s word.

In addition to the Freshmen Campaign, we are celebrating God’s goodness in several other happenings in our ministry. At the beginning of the month, our ministry hosted Dr. Brian J. Wright, a Bible scholar and prison chaplain. Brian spoke to our students twice—the first talk with an academic focus was at a META event on the origins and reliability of Scripture and, on a second night, Brian spoke to our ministry as a whole on the importance of Christian community. Another initiative we are excited about comes from our Discipleship Team. Together, the students team leaders and several Christian Union Faculty developed a new curriculum based on 2 Timothy. This curriculum is intended to provide a clear foundation in Scripture for the student-to-student discipleship pairs connected through this team ministry. We are also thrilled to see our students are studying the Bible together in this capacity.

Once again, we remain in need of your continued prayers. We would ask for your prayers specifically in the following ways:

Evangelism- We have a number of new believers in our ministry - please pray for more new believers. Though some students are receptive to the Gospel message, many are not. Pray that God would open students to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Greater Desire for God—Pray that God would lead students who already know Christ to want to have a greater desire to study Scripture in our Bible Courses, to attend prayer gatherings, and to worship Christ.

A Male Ministry Fellow—Pray for our director Christopher and the leadership of Christian Union as we look to hire a male ministry fellow.

The Class of ‘23—Though we have successfully launched many Bible Courses, please pray for students to move from simply considering studying the Bible to being fully committed to studying it—and, ultimately, that they would become Christlike through their study of the Scriptures.

Thank you as always for your prayers and support!

Grace and peace in Christ,

Ryan Reed, PhD

Teaching Fellow         
Christian Union Nova

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