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Dear CU Nova Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

Spring is in the air, and the Holy Spirit is on the move at Princeton! We’ve just wrapped up our Bible courses for the year with seniors completing our “Vocational Prep” course, equipping them with a theology of work, money, and giving. Our juniors and sophomores completed our Romans course, delving into some of the richest theology of salvation in the Bible. And our freshman just finished our Sex and Spirituality Bible course, learning about God’s design for sexuality, marriage, and the family.

Our freshman men gathered together this week for a BBQ and firepit and reflected on their experiences this year at Princeton. Invariably, they answered that the best part about Princeton is the Christian community and the friends they’ve made in Christian Union!

We welcomed guest speaker David Taylor who spoke to our students on the topic, “Does God Still Speak Today?” (See photo below.) Students learned about discerning God’s voice and heard powerful stories of the Lord’s guidance. Students were encouraged to seek the Lord themselves in order to better know His will for their lives. One student came up afterward and declared that she had just become a believer the week before at another one of our gatherings! David prayed for her and she was greatly encouraged that God had been speaking to her, leading her to that point. Please pray for this precious Freshman girl as she begins her new life with Jesus!

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We also heard from Princeton alumnus and former NFL player, Caraun Reid, ‘14. Caraun had been a worship leader for Christian Union Nova during his time at Princeton and has an amazing voice! He began by leading our students in a powerful time of worship before his message. He spoke on “The Futility of Self-Reliance” from Jeremiah 2, commenting on the “broken cisterns” we make for ourselves, rather than finding our life in Christ. I don’t think I’ve heard a preacher quote so many scriptures in a sermon before! Probably well over 40!

Our students are busy studying for finals as I write this at the end of "Reading Week," but they are still seeking the Lord and reaching this campus with the love of Christ. As you may know, the protests that are occurring on college campuses across the nation have impacted Princeton as well.

Heated exchanges and “cancel culture” have targeted several students in our ministry already. Earlier this week, our student officers and I drafted a statement to our students, urging everyone to follow the example of Jesus in loving our enemies, allowing for matters of conscience, and pursuing unity in the body of Christ. They then invited our ministry members to pray at our Noon Prayer meetings for the campus during this time of tension.

Additionally, our Outreach team just led an initiative called “Doubts for Donuts,” in which students from across campus were able to write in to us their doubts and questions about Christianity and receive a visit from one of our students with a donut and an answer to their question. We had 14 responses and wonderful conversations with many students including some lengthy conversations about faith with unbelievers, one of whom expressed interest in coming to some of our events! We also found some Christians who have been floundering in their faith and wanted to get more involved in ministry at Princeton! Praise God for the gospel going forth and for bearing fruit! Pray that students would receive the good news with glad hearts.

Lastly, we’re currently in the process of securing our annual budget for next year and I need your help! Our ministry is growing and we’re hiring more ministers to meet the need. Would you please consider becoming a Cornerstone Partner? Or giving a one time gift using the secure link at the bottom of this email before August 1 to help meet out budget? Your prayers and financial support are vital to this mission!

"Under God's Power, She Flourishes,"

Mike Vincent

Ministry Director, Christian Union Nova
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