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This panel with Teal McGarvey was recorded at Nexus 2017. (1:25:01)

This panel, with moderator Ava Ligh, was recorded at Nexus 2017. (1:19:00)

This panel, with moderator James Fields, was recorded at Nexus 2017. (33:05)

This plenary talk by Matt Bennett was recorded at Nexus 2017. (30:41)

In this lecture, Kevin Antlitz makes a case for how to interpret Genesis 1. He points out the weakness of the so-called 'literal' reading - that God created the world in six 24-hour days- and proposes an alternative interpretation that makes better sense of the text. (40:25)

This talk by Don Weiss was given at Harvard’s leadership lecture series. (42:09)

This talk on Jeremiah 32, from Harvard’s leadership lecture series, was given by Ministry Fellow Teal McGarvey. (35:06)

Bob Doll is Chief Equity Strategist and Senior Portfolio Manager at Nuveen Asset Management. He manages the Large Cap Equity Series, consisting of nine strategies. Christian Union hosted a salon, at which Doll discussed Christian faith and finance. (58:00)

Stanford University Medical School professor Dr. William Hurlbut was the featured speaker at Christian Union New York's Forum. (1:03:08)

The following audio presentations were recorded in Sandy Cove, Maryland.

Colin Smith: Ministry Models- John the Baptist (57:18)


Colin Smith: Ministry Models- The Apostle Paul (49:02)

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