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This seminar, by Jack Deere, was recorded at Nexus. (1:25:17)

This seminar, by James K.A. Smith, was recorded at Nexus. (1:16:44)

This seminar, by Matt Bennett, was recorded at Nexus. (56:56)

Jim Black is now Christian Union's Athletic Director for its ministry at Stanford. He gave this address an event in Phoenix as a featured Bible teacher when he was Christian Union Ministry Director at Columbia. This tremendously encouraging talk, on a little-known Old Testament person named Mephibosheth, was given at a conference for Christian Union ministry partners.


“We need to be reminded of God’s provision. God’s grace. God’s goodness. Not always in eliminating the difficulties that we’re in. Rather in meeting us and sustaining us in the middle of situations. Growing us in those situations that are places of affliction, frustration and need and brokenness.”
The following audio presentations were recorded in Sandy Cove, Maryland.

Bearing the Burdens of Others (47:54)

Commissioning and Prayer (37:47)

Pastor, author and theologian Dr. Jack Deere delivered this message on Pain at Christian Union's Winter Faculty and Staff Conference.

Pain (52:15)

This talk is from Harvard’s leadership lecture series. The speaker is Sean McDonough and he explores Genesis 3; Psalm 8. (44:56)

The following audio presentations were recorded in Sandy Cove, Maryland.

Dr. Bruce Ware:Empowered Messiah / 1 (54:01)

Dr. Bruce Ware: Empowered Messiah / 2 (54:01)

In March, Christian Union brought together nearly 400 students from the eight Ivy League universities for the fourth Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action. This is one of the four plenary sessions from the Congress, with Baroness Caroline Cox. (46:09)

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