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Leadership Lecture Series

Christian Union faculty and exceptional guest speakers address students at weekly lectures on each campus. Select videos are below.

Doxa at Harvard 

Former Christian Union Teaching Fellow Nick Nowalk unpacks a talk regarding the hiddenness of God titled, "The God Who Hides: Reflections on the Central Dilemma of Faith" to Christian Union Gloria students at Harvard. 

Scott Jones, a pastor and former Christian Union faculty member at Princeton, returned to the university and gave this outstanding talk at a Christian Union leadership lecture series event last spring. In this talk he takes a look at what it means to be distinctly Christian in the midst of one's vocational pursuit.


Ministry Fellow Christine Shin

How and when do you boast in weakness? The primary way in which God's power will be perfected in your weakness. Evangelize in weakness, so that Christ's power will be perfected in weakness. 

"How many of us ask God to show up in power so that we can look good? God does not grant you power for you to look good, He does it so others will see Jesus."
Former Christian Union Ministry Fellow Jon Yeager, speaking at the ministry's leadership lecture series at Harvard, gives a talk called "Stranger Stories at Harvard." He tackles the question, 'What does the Netflix original Stranger Things — a show that has captured the imagination of many students — have to do with the story of God?' His conclusion? Mystery and glory.

*Note: This is one talk, posted in two parts. The total length of the two is 41:00.

Part 1

Part 2

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Lane Young, Former Director of Undergraduate Ministry at Columbia, visits Princeton to explore the topic, "Who are you following?" (21:04)

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Christian Union Teaching Fellow Nick Nowalk encourages Christians to live their life in community with other members of the Church in his talk title, "Why We Need Each Other." (49:03)

Why does our all-good, all-powerful God actively hide from us? Christian Union Teaching Fellow Nick Nowalk addresses what he believes to be the biggest question surrounding the Christian, and really any, faith: why does God hide from his people? (41:54)

What is the true meaning of the term reconciliation? Former Princeton Ministry Fellow Scott Jones discusses who is responsible for and how to go about true Christian reconciliation. (40:01)