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Christian Union

Student Spotlight

The idea that faith and reason are opposing forces, enemies of one another that will never find common ground is a familiar concept in our increasingly secular society: faith is blind, reason is logical, faith isn’t academic, reason is scientific. Like many intellectually ambitious high schoolers, this was the thinking of Timothy Kinnamon, Columbia '20. But when Kinnamon entered Columbia and came across the CU Lumine community, he found these assumptions challenged and quickly overturned.

Kinnamon says that he had fallen victim to modern thinking regarding faith and found himself believing that reason was more important than faith because it contained provable truth. But through faculty-led Bible courses, personal discipleship, and conversations with other students Kinnamon learned how to examine scripture as a text that contains human reason, discovering that God himself created reason as a way for humans to know him and worship him.

The very thing he has supposed to stand in opposition to faith was in fact created by God himself. In this brief student spotlight video, Kinnamon shares the profound impact that Christian Union has had upon his spiritual growth and college experience.