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Christian Union


Christian Union operates ministries at some of the nation's leading universities. Video provided here comes from various ministry events and lectures on campuses.

What is the true meaning of the term reconciliation? Former Princeton Ministry Fellow Scott Jones discusses who is responsible for and how to go about true Christian reconciliation. (40:01)

Students at Princeton explain the impact of Christian Union at Princeton. (10:43)

Courtney McEachon '15 is a graduate of Yale University. Among her many courses and activities, she was a key student leader in the pro-life movement at Yale.

Courtney was involved with a Christian Union Lux at Yale. In this video, she shares about her pro-life convictions and how the ministry supported and encouraged her to find her voice as a much-needed leader. (4:33)

While Harvard has drifted from her spiritual heritage and become highly secular, God is still at work. He is stirring up the hearts of Harvard students. If you care about the spiritual climate at Harvard, you will be encouraged by what God is doing in and through the lives of students involved in Christian Union's ministry there, as of spring 2014. (5:21)

This is the story of one of the students involved in ministries that Christian Union serves and resources. (Video length: 5:06)

By 2013, in just over 10 years of ministry at Princeton, by God's grace, Christian Union went from engaging three students in Bible courses to more than 400 students. The student Christian leadership organization resourced by Christian Union is the largest student group, religious or secular,  on campus. Encouraging signs point to how God is changing lives at influential schools like Princeton. (5:29)

Victor Hicks, a student involved with Christian Union's ministry at Yale, shares about what God is doing in his life. (3:44)

Christian Union's mission is to develop leaders who will transform culture. Dave Kurz, a PhD student at Cal Berkeley, is one such future leader. Please pray for for Dave as he strives to make a difference, and for the other future leaders involved in Christian Union ministries. (2:52)