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Columbia Ministry Team Explains the Need (1:18)


100% of Funds Secured to Move Forward  

By God’s grace, all the money needed to move forward with the purchase of a Christian Union Ministry Center at Columbia University has come in! 

The Lord moved the hearts of 220 ministry partners to give a total of $503K for the Ministry Center, $11K more than was needed to move forward with the seller.

Heartfelt thanks go out to all who gave in response to the ministry’s urgent request for help. The generosity shown by so many is deeply encouraging and will make a difference for generations to come at Columbia.

All praise goes to our wonderful God, a gracious provider, for this outcome.

A Ministry Center is a game changer for sharing the Gospel at Columbia. The challenge of meeting and office space has been acute for Christian Union’s team already working with more than 200 students at Columbia. This is an enormous provision. 

Christian Union ministry fellows share briefly about the challenges they face in the video above, and you can read more about the need below.

Now, the ministry is in the normal process of conversation with the seller and bank. 


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Additional Gifts Move the Ministry Forward

Any additional funds that come in from the many friends who were asked to help with this effort, the ministry will apply these gifts to the mortgage. A smaller mortgage frees up funds that Christian Union can use for ministry.

All the money coming into Christian Union designated for the Columbia Ministry Center will indeed be used for the Columbia Ministry Center. 

Naming Opportunities are Available

Christian Union offers naming rights to the building and key rooms in the center.

Matching Gift Doubles Your Contribution

The Bridgehead Foundation is generously matching your donations, up to $700,000, to gifts made to this campaign. For every dollar you donate to this effort, Christian Union will receive two dollars.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities Make a Difference

Gifts of appreciated securities can be made toward this campaign. Please contact the ministry by calling (609) 688-1700 ext. 915 to alert us to the gift, so that it is counted toward the total today. Learn more here.

Christian Union Ministry at Columbia

Christian Union's ministry at Columbia is engaging nearly 200 students, an extraordinary number for this secular institution. Meeting space is exceedingly difficult to come by at Columbia. Christian Union urgently needs room to minister to students and office its faculty.

Christian Union ministry fellows open their homes to students, but these are small spaces. It is not uncommon for the Columbia ministry director and his family to host an outreach in their very small apartment that is attended by more than 100 students over the course of the evening.

Additionally, a ministry centers establishes a permanent Christian presence at Columbia. It provides space for biblical teaching, leadership training and mentorship, and personal and intercessory prayer. Crucially, in a time when Christian ministries can face discrimination on campus, ministry centers reduce Christian Union’s dependency on the universities’ administrations for securing space.

donate nowPlease give generously to see God glorified at and through Columbia.

To Learn More

If you would like to learn more about making a strategic impact through a ministry center at Columbia, contact Carol Fausnaught, Associate Vice President, Development, 570-326-3102 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..