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Dear CU Lumine Cornerstone Partners and other friends of the ministry,

This is the halfway point for the academic semester at Columbia. Students are still adjusting to a semester unlike any other — instead of grabbing a bite to eat at John Jay and discussing theology with students, our one-on-one’s have been relegated to zoom. I have had the privilege of meeting in person with a handful of students that are staying on or near campus, but the majority of students who are a part of CU Lumine are at home.

Though there are reasons to be discouraged, I wake up every morning praising God for the work He is doing in Columbia and in the hearts of the students. I am encouraged by the students involved in CU Lumine whether it be our Bible courses, Illumina leadership events, or times of prayer. I see God’s transforming hand at work in their lives as He grows them into His image.

I am excited about a new initiative our Student Exec leaders have launched — Prayer Pods. Sensing the need to create a deeper community and spiritual accountability with incoming students, CU Lumine leaders invited students to sign up for these small groups. Prayer Pods are groups of 3-4 students that meet weekly to pray and check in on the spiritual well being of their friends.

In this season, I ask for your prayers. Would you join us in praying for:

  • Student Body: Pray that the students will be able to manage their time well and give priority to studying God’s word and seeking His face in prayer. Pray that God would help them grow in Christian community with other friends and be encouraged in this season. Pray that the new students would really plug into CU Lumine and find a home in this ministry.
  • Spiritual hunger and thirst: It’s easy to pull away from God especially when you are alone at home. Pray that the students would have a deep hunger for the things of God: prayer, worship, Christian community, reading scripture.
  • Raising up new financial partners: CU Lumine can’t do this ministry without supporters like you. Join us in praying that God would bring new Christ-minded friends of this ministry to help rebuild CU Lumine at Columbia through their financial support.
  • Revival on campus: in the midst of unknowns, the people of the ministry know that God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. Pray that God would continue to open eyes to respond to His call of grace and bring about a mighty wave of peace, joy, and transformation so when campus reopens, students would be on fire for Christ.

Thank you for your love and partnership at CU Lumine. I could not do this without your prayers.

Grace and Peace,
Stan Thomas
CU Lumine Ministry Director

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Columbia, please email prayer@christianunion.org.