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Dear CU Lumine Cornerstone Partners and other friends of the ministry,

With Thanksgiving behind, the Christmas holidays ahead, and the semester coming to a close in a few weeks, we are grateful for the Lord’s hand that has guided CU Lumine this academic semester. As you may remember when the ministry reached out for prayer in September, there were so many unknowns. But in the midst of the unknowns, God proved Himself to be faithful.

The month of November was a busy one for CU Lumine. Our student leadership team put on a two-day workshop, “How to Share the Gospel.” The two-day workshop went over the basics of the gospel, why we are called to share the good news with our friends, and practical tools on how to share the gospel. CU Lumine also participated in the CU wide outreach event with RZIM’s Vince Vitale and Abdu Murray. Some great conversations came from that event including one with a student that was not a believer. CU Lumine’s ministry director had the privilege of sitting with this young lady, a Columbia sophomore, and talking through the unique truths of Christianity. All of this was in addition to our weekly Leadership Lecture Series, Bible course, and one-on-ones.

A few days ago, a handful of students on campus gathered in the ministry center (socially distant!) and partook in a Friendsgiving. This small gathering was a reminder of how God was connecting students and doing a renewing work on this campus through individual lives. As one student shared this past week, “When this semester started getting difficult and my relationship with God went through a low point, Christian Union helped me focus on God and kept me grounded.”

As we begin wrapping up our Bible courses on the Gospel of Mark and students get ready for finals, would you join us in prayer for:

  • Student Body: Pray that the students will be able to manage their time well and give priority to studying God’s word and seeking His face in prayer. Pray that they would experience God’s peace as many are dealing with anxiety over exams and unknowns about next semester. Pray that God would help them grow in Christian community with other friends and be encouraged in this season.
  • Spiritual Hunger and thirst: It’s easy to get distracted while being alone. Pray that the students would have a deep hunger for the things of God: prayer, worship, Christian community, reading scripture. Pray also that they would grow deeper with their Christian community.
  • Raising up new financial partners: we know that we can’t do this ministry without supporters like you. Join us in praying that God would bring new Christ-minded friends of this ministry to help rebuild CU Lumine at Columbia through their financial support.
  • Revival on campus: a pandemic and lack of students on campus are not a deterrent for God to move in a mighty way. Pray that God would continue to open eyes to respond to His call of grace and bring about a mighty wave of peace, joy, and transformation so when campus reopens, we would meet students on fire for Christ.

Thank you for your love and partnership at CU Lumine. The ministry could not do this without your prayers.

Grace and Peace,

The Faculty and Students of CU Lumine

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Columbia, please email prayer@christianunion.org.