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Please pray for Christian Union's ministry at Dartmouth.

Greetings from Dartmouth!

January has kicked off to be a great month so far. We have launched our winter term Bible Courses and are underway with all of our scheduled winter events. We just got back from our annual winter conference, which tends to be the highlighted Christian Union event of the year for most students. It’s a great time to retreat away from campus to enjoy time with one another, worshipping the Lord with open bibles and open hearts. We had several great times of prayer and discussion on the conference’s theme of Friendship. The students thought about what genuine forgiveness looks like in friendships as well as how to think about the significance of Jesus calling us his friends and how we extend that love to others. The students were both challenged and encouraged by this weekend. It was moving to see several students pursue reconciliation with friends they have turned aside and hear of healing in relationships because of this weekend away. Please join us in prayer as the students return back to their normal routines. It is my prayer that the effects of this conference continue to be vibrant all term long.

Happy Advent and a Merry Christmas from Hanover!

The students are enjoying their hard earned winterim while the Christian Union team at Dartmouth prepares for a new term in the New Year. We are sad to say goodbye to Julia and Chase Carlisle as the Lord has called them to Texas. This means we are looking for new candidates to fill two Ministry Fellow positions. Please be praying that the Lord brings to us the right people to minister to the Dartmouth students. He knows who they will be and so we are trusting Him and waiting patiently with expectation.

Hello from Dartmouth,

It’s hard to believe that we are already wrapping up our fall term. Students are in finals mode right now and looking forward to six weeks off to rest and spend time with family and friends. Thank you for all your prayers for them over these last 10 weeks. We have so much to be thankful for!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy fall from Dartmouth! Last night our student executive team put on a dinner for all our ministry and Bible course leaders to care for them, as well as to give them opportunity to voice how they would like to see CU grow at Dartmouth and to pray for their specific areas of leadership. Will you join us in praying for their following requests?

Hello from Dartmouth,

Thank you for your prayers for our Freshmen Welcoming Campaign. The Lord has answered them in so many ways! It’s been a wonderfully full few weeks.

Dear friends,

As we turn the corner from summer into the fall, we have much to look forward to and, therefore, much to petition the Lord for! Please join us in lifting up these requests for Dartmouth.

Hello from Dartmouth,

There’s not too much to report from here. We as staff have been taking turns going on vacation, which has been good for the soul. We are excited to be back together to start brainstorming and dreaming about this next year.

Greetings from Dartmouth,

Yesterday was a beautiful day to watch our seniors (‘18s) walk across the stage and graduate from Dartmouth. The ‘18s were freshmen when I first started with Christian Union (CU), so it has been an especially nostalgic couple of weeks as we all prepared for them to flee the CU nest into the “real world.”

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are three-quarters of the way through April and it is still cold and overcast here in the Upper Valley. We are all longing for spring with eager anticipation, to say the least! We have much to be thankful for, even amidst a very long winter, which has kept our spirits high.

Hello from Dartmouth,

We are happy to report a wonderful end to our winter term. A major highlight for our students (and staff) was a giant CU-wide game of Assassin, graciously renamed “Angel’s Arrows” by our fabulous socials team. The neat thing about the game is that it forced people to seek out those they have not met before or gotten to know yet, so new connections were made every day!

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