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Please pray for Christian Union's ministry at Dartmouth.

Hello from Dartmouth,

Fall term is off and running and it’s difficult to believe we’re already three weeks into the term with seven more to go. Thank you for all your prayers for the new freshmen (‘20s) who have come in and for our upperclassmen who have labored tirelessly in welcoming them and putting on events in order to meet them and introduce them to Christian Union at Dartmouth. Please join us in prayer for the following requests:

Hello from Dartmouth,

We are wrapping up our sophomore summer with the ‘18s and it has flown by quickly! We spent several weeks walking through a book study with them over Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller, which proved to be not only impactful for the students, but for us as staff as well. It proved to be the perfect read, given the phase of life the students are in with all the pressure they feel to perform and to put their value and worth in their grades or a job or a spouse. We were thankful for the conversations that led to a greater hope and thanksgiving for Christ who frees us from bondage to the things that do not satisfy that we might worship the only One who can truly fulfill us.

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